The Death of the family member is a very painful in any family. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is requires lots of strength. If the loved one dies leaving behind properties without a will then the legal complications would be more.

Accumulation of assets and properties in once lifetime is important. It is also important that the assets and properties reach the right hands after the demise of the testator (or property owner).

  • If a simple document called will is not written then, your family members may waste time trying to find out whether or not you did write or draft a will.
  • Time involved in tracing your possession
  • More time and money to divide your estate
  • No guarantee that a proper relative/executor will be appointed to sort or manage your assets
  • The law will decide how your property will be distributed
  • Your relatives or family members will have to pay inheritance tax
  • When you leave the world they should think about you with good feelings. Don’t create difficulties in their lives.

Our team of lawyers had many decades of experience in dealing with the intestate (a person who dies without writing any will) succession and testamentary succession (WILLS). They are able to prepare a will perfectly that survives and is suitable for both personal laws and property laws. The most important part of will is not making one but drafting in such a way that it is compatible in the laws of the land.

The will nama should be updated every time a new property is sold or bought. This helps in reducing any confusions which may arise in future.