Name Change

Name Change


Name Change Procedure in Vijayawada(Amaravati), Guntur, Vishakapatnam, and Hyderabad

Looking for Name change procedure or Name change consultants or Name change service in Vijayawada(Amaravati), Guntur, Vishakapatnam, and Hyderabad. 

name change procedure in vijaywada, guntur, vishakapatnam and hyderabad

Name Change

Got your name or surname or parent’s name listed or entered wrongly in any of your educational certificates like SSC, HSC or any educational certificates. We will help you change your name legally.

Thinking about changing your name for a long time and not sure about the legal procedures or worried that you need to spend lots of time, energy and money for the process. Don’t worry, the process is simple. We are here to ease your life regarding all legal constraints.

The name change could be done for various reasons. For a married woman, after marriage or for numerological or astrological reasons.
Whatever be the reason, we can make all the process completely easy for you.


Steps for Changing your name

There are three steps involved in changing your name in legal documents. You can do it yourself by following the steps.
Hiring a Lawyer or contacting a well-experienced firm like us helps you to complete the process quickly and saves you lot of time to concentrate on your other important tasks. Leave the details to the experts like us. The three main steps involved in the process is as follows:
Step 1 – Affidavit
Step 2 – Newspaper Publication
Step 3 – Gazette Notification

Documents required for name change

Documents involved in the whole process
1. Name Change Affidavit
2. Newspaper Publication
3. Name Change Deed
4. Request letter to the Secretariat
5. Name Change Statement
6. Reply Letter from the Secretariat
7. Publication Money Receipt.
8. Gazette Notification

In case you are not able to get any of the documents, we can complete the whole process for you for a nominal fee and save your precious time. You can also contact us for a free consultation without actually starting the process.



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